How to become a psychoanalyst

How to become a psychoanalystTo become a psychoanalyst a person should have a university degree of master of science (for example in psychology) or higher professional education (for example a physician). Then he or she should be accepted in the Latvian-Estonian Psychoanalytical Institute. psychoanalytical institute. Prospektive psychoanalysts will be admitted on a basis of documents and specially conducted interviews. In the case of acceptance status of registered analysand is given and training analysis could be started with a training analyst. Approximately after one or two years of being in training analysis next interviews are conducted and if the person shows his or her increasing understanding of his/her unconsciousness and personal growth, interviews are passed and registered analysand becomes a candidate. On this stage theoretical education starts. After one year or more candidate begins his or her analytical work under supervision with a training analyst. After finishing studies in the psychoanalytical institute there is an exam (presentation of clinical work and interviews). After graduation candidate becomes an analyst.