Aija Juhna

 Individual and group psychotherapist

Psychology education:
Master degree in Psychology:„Master of Arts in Psychology of Excellence”, Ludvig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany, 2003-2005.

Psychotherapy education:
Psychodynamic group psychotherapist, Riga Stradina University, Latvija, 2006-2007, 2009-2010.

Education in social sciences:
Master degree in Social Sciences: Master programme: Public Administartion, Latvia University, Riga, Latvia, 1998-2000.
Highest Professional degree in social work and social padagogics, Management and Social Work University „Attīstība”,Rīga, Latvija, 1993-1998. 

Professional principles:

1.Psychoanalysis offers an opportunity to any personality to be strengthened or to promote significant intrinsic changes. Any personality... who admits the high value of personal changes- intrinsic (psychological) and extrinsic (quality of life), and who is ready to commit the analysis of his/ her unique psychological structure.

2.Principles of psychoanalysis are universal, but the psychoanalysis of any individual personality differs- it is as unique, as personality itself. Psychoanalysis reveals the hidden features of the character, which are forming obstacles for psychological and physical well being, those the method of psychoanalysis is reinforcing the vitality and even the survival of the person.

3.Psychic formation of any personality is unrepeatable (conscious and unconscious content of psyche, as well as relationship between those parts), nevertheless the nature of human emotions is universal. Challenge of psychoanalytical work is to help the person to distinguish his/her particularity, by faciliatating personality to create the unique content of his/her life, acquire vitality, satisfaction with psychic and physical condition, as well to discover common human traits, in order to be able to keep deep connection with outer reality.

4.The depth of psychological changes depends on the intensity of the psychological work. The frame of 1-3 sessions a week provides psychotherapeutic setting, whereas 4 sessions a week in the working alliance with the psychoanalyst, offers the opportunities of “psychoanalytical situation”, in which the deepest traits of personality structure can be analyzed as well as the hidden nuances of unadaptive manifestations can be illuminated.

Individual psychotherapy
Group psychoatherapy

Servicies for institutions providing psychosocialreahabilitation:
Psychoanalytically based* rehabilitation models for multiprofessional teams
Psychoanalytically based team and individual supervisions

*Based on the evidence of psychoanalytical personality theory

Working languages: Latvian Russian, English
Private practice: Riga, Dzirnavu 34a
Web page:
Tel.mob.: 28620444 (please, call a quater before any full hour, for example, 9.45., 10.45 etc.)